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About Us

AFRICA CONNECTED PTY LTD is a leading consulting firm dedicated to bridging the gap between investors and government tenders in Tanzania. With our extensive experience and expertise, we specialize in facilitating investments in various sectors, including construction, Telkom, renewable energy, recycling, and supply chain. Our comprehensive services range from assisting investors in navigating the complexities of the Tanzanian market to managing all paperwork associated with start- ups, joint ventures, and informative write-ups.



At AFRICA CONNECTED PTY LTD, our vision is to become the premier consulting firm in Africa, renowned for our exceptional services in connecting investors with lucrative government tender opportunities. We strive to foster sustainable growth and development by facilitating investments that drive positive change in the African continent.



Our mission is to provide unparalleled consulting services to both investors and the government, facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships and creating a conducive environment for economic progress. We aim to be the catalyst for investment success, leveraging our expertise, networks, and comprehensive support to unlock Tanzania's untapped potential. - Highlight expertise, experience, and extensive networks.