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Our strategy for engaging international construction companies involves a well-structured process aimed at facilitating their entry into the Tanzanian market. We will oversee and provide financial support throughout the entire journey. Establishing a robust network of companies willing to undertake projects in Tanzania is crucial at this stage. We seek partners who are dedicated to collaborating with our organization, actively participating in project assessments, and completing the requisite calculations and documentation necessary for tender submissions. Tanzania presents numerous opportunities for construction projects, encompassing a wide range of scales and scopes. Our primary focus lies in projects that have already progressed to an advanced stage of development. These projects have typically undergone comprehensive feasibility studies, possess detailed designs, and have established or identifiable modes of financing. The scope of potential projects is vast and encompasses a variety of sectors. Examples include extensive road networks spanning several kilometers, the rehabilitation of existing roads, the establishment of new airports, the modernization of existing airports, large-scale national water initiatives, residential housing developments, energy infrastructure, elevated highways, bridges, ports, hospitals, public facilities, railways, and rapid bus lane systems. In essence, the opportunities are boundless, encompassing a wide array of construction endeavors.

Key services and expertise.
  • Investment Facilitation
  • AFRICA CONNECTED PTY LTD acts as a strategic partner for investors interested in government tenders, offering comprehensive guidance throughout the investment process. From market analysis to due diligence, we assist in identifying the most promising opportunities and developing tailored investment strategies

  • Documentation and Compliance:
  • We understand the complexities of bureaucratic procedures involved in investment ventures. Our team takes care of all necessary paperwork, including registrations, licenses, permits, and legal documentation. We ensure that all compliance requirements are met, mitigating risks and ensuring a smooth investment journey.

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • AFRICA CONNECTED PTY LTD provides in-depth market research and analysis to help investors make informed decisions. We evaluate market dynamics, identify trends, and assess potential risks and opportunities, enabling our clients to optimize their investment strategies

  • Partner Identification and Negotiations
  • hrough our extensive network of contacts in various sectors, we assist investors in identifying reliable and compatible partners for joint ventures. We facilitate negotiations; ensuring mutually beneficial agreements are reached, and provide ongoing support to maintain fruitful partnerships.

  • Project Management
  • Once investments are initiated, our team offers comprehensive project management services, overseeing the implementation of investment projects. We monitor progress, manage risks, and provide regular updates to investors, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Our Partners